"If you love your country, you must be willing to
defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness
--even from a president."




The 2016 U.S. presidential election divided America. From Trump's infamous sexism and bigotry to election interference by the Russian government, no American president has raised so many controversies or questions that cut to the heart of what it means to be American and what lies in store for the future of our nation.

Drawing on his expertise as a political scholar, Dr. Stokes has been an outspoken commentator about Donald Trump and the Trump administration. He has shared his fresh views and analyses about Donald Trump and his administration as a featured guest on NPR and the BBC. His commentaries and analyses have also been featured in The Huffington Post and have been quoted around the world in major outlets like USA Today, The Nation, The Hill, BET, and

Below is a collection of Dr. Stokes' articles and media appearances where he examines Donald Trump's presidency and Trump administration activities and policies. For a complete listing of Dr. Stokes media appearances and quotes, please visit his media page. For Dr. Stokes' other published works, please visit his library.

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In The Press


Dr. Stokes' insights on the Trump administration have been quoted over a hundred times in major outlets like USA Today, The Hill, MSN, BET, The Nation, Elite Daily, The Daily Dot, Huffington Post, Observer, and International Business Times.



Media Appearances About Donald Trump and the Trump Administration


BBC Arabic:
Trump Award Winners for False Journalism #FakeNews

January 18, 2018

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Dr. Stokes appeared on BBC's Radio 5 Live Drive, to discuss President Trump's controversial speech to the Boy Scouts of America. July 25, 2017.



Robert Gates Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy

NPR The Takeaway:
President's Address to the Boy Scouts Triggers Outrage

July 25, 2017

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Articles About Donald Trump and the Trump Administration


"Trump Supporters, It's Time To Stop Lying To Yourselves"

(from The Huffington Post) "Politics is perception, and Donald Trump is the master of distraction and propaganda..." Continue reading >>

"Trump Incites Hate and Violence. We Must #UnmakeTheHate"

(from The Huffington Post) "Their threats of violence have never left me. For opposing President Donald Trump's lies, bigotry, abuse of power, and recklessness..." Continue reading >>

"Is There a Strategy to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trumps That Shocked the U.N.?"

(from The Huffington Post) "Trump is not a man of unity or peace. He is a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing..." Continue reading >>

"Trump is a Danger to America and the World"

(from The Huffington Post) "They will be met with fire, fury and frankly the power the likes of which the world has never seen..." Continue reading >>


"Trump is a Bigger Threat Than North Korea"

(from Patriot Not Partisan, invited article) "They will be met with fire, fury and frankly the power the likes of which the world has never seen..." Continue reading >>


"The White House is Burning, and Trump's Holding the Matches" by DaShanne Stokes

(from The Huffington Post) This latest play in the chaotic game of musical chairs that is the Trump White House, however, won't save the administration from Donald Trump... Continue reading >>


"Has the GOP Become the Party of Violence?"

(from The Huffington Post) I've never forgotten their threats of violence: for opposing his lies, bigotry, and abuses of power, one of Donald Trump's supporters... Continue reading >>


"Electoral College, Our Country Needs You"

(from The Huffington Post) Nearly every day since the election, our country has witnessed new causes for outrage from president-elect Donald Trump... Continue reading >>


"You Can't Support Trump Without Supporting His Racism"

(from The Huffington Post) You don't have to be a political scholar to know that presidential candidates don't come in pieces... Continue reading >>



Selected Dr. Stokes Quotes About Donald Trump


"The messages of racism, the lies, the fraud, the sexism--he's sending a lot of really horrible messages to our children."
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"We must tell the world that even though we elected a bigot, bigotry will not prevail."
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"If you love your country, you must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness--even from a president."
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"It's a scary world we live in when a person of color endorses a racist for president."
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"Trump didn't divide America. He just doused us with gasoline and fanned the flames."
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"Electing a bigot enables further bigotry."
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"We elected a man who knows how to build walls when we needed someone who knows how to build bridges."
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