DaShanne Stokes is a public intellectual with true courage and vision." --Alyssa Milano, actor and activist


By the time he earned his doctorate, DaShanne had already established himself as a thought leader with insightful views on a range of important social and political issues. I can't wait to see what he does next. --Dr. Mike Friedman, clinical psychologist, Psychology Today and Huffington Post contributor


Dr. Stokes reveals the depth of injustice waged upon those who have been marginalized and who might be otherwise left silenced if not for courageous voices, like his. --Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston, speaker and author of "The Declassified Adoptee"


DaShanne's fresh perspective and unique experience challenges our preconceptions and leads us to think more deeply about today's social problems and illuminates important means to address them. --Dr. C. Richard King, author of "Redskins: Insult and Brand" and "Beyond Hate: White Power and Popular Culture"



Dr. DaShanne Stokes is an expert on American politics, culture, and civil rights. He has studied domestic and international politics, American foreign policy, power, propaganda, inequality, Native American issues, religious freedom, civil rights--and the complex challenges and contradictions these entail.

Dr. Stokes has been writing and speaking publicly for over a decade. His fresh, provocative, and inspiring thinking has been quoted by world leaders and have made him a sought after guest featured on NPR, the BBC, NBC, CBS, Sky News Tonight, MSN.com, and other national and international media. Stokes has spoken at college campuses and prestigious scholarly conferences. He has also been quoted hundreds of times around the world in major outlets like People, USA Today, The Hill, The Independent, Daily Mail, MSN, BET, The Nation, Elite Daily, The Daily Dot, Huffington Post, The Daily Caller, Observer, International Business Times, The Courier-Gazette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Charlotte Observer, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.



You can download DaShanne Stokes' audience introduction and biographical talking points here.



"DaShanne" is pronounced Duh-Shane, similar to the name Dwayne except replacing "wayne" with "Shanne". It has two syllables, and it is all one name. There are no pauses between the two syllables, and there are no spaces between any of the letters when the name is written or printed. Note that this is just like the name Shane, except that it has a quick and soft d in front of it. Please note that this is a short, soft d, not not a long or hard d like when you say the letter d (which is pronounced dee or 'dē). A dictionary pronunciation guide would look something like this: d'shān.

Dr. Stokes' last name, "Stokes," rhymes with "pokes."



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