Eagle feather law controversy

Dr. DaShanne Stokes is well known for his extensive work on the eagle feather law and related topics. From 2005 to 2008, Dr. Stokes served as the founder and director of Religious Freedom with Raptors, the first political interest group dedicated to dedicated to changing the federal "eagle feather law," (50 CFR 22) so as to protect Native American religious freedom and tribal rights. Dr. Stokes has published a number of articles on the eagle feather law in Indian Country Today, one of which (Eagle Feathers and the Imperialist Conquest of State Recognized Tribes) was cited as an authority in the appellant brief and motion for summary judgment in McAllen Grace Brethren Church v. Salazar, 44 ELR 20194, No. 13-40326, (5th Cir., 08/20/2014). Dr. DaShanne Stokes remains an outspoken advocate for changing the eagle law and continues discussing the controversies surrounding the law on state and national media programs.

Below is a collection of DaShanne Stokes' published articles and media appearances in which he talks about controversy surrounding the eagle feather law, how the law hurts Native American religious freedom, and how we can be a voice for change. Additional articles, interviews, and more can be found in Dr. Stokes' Eagle Feather Law Resource Guide.

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Articles About the Eagle Feather Law


Huffington Post


"A Life in America Without Religious Freedom" by DaShanne Stokes**

(from The Huffington Post) They say that America is the land of the free. But as I hiked into the woods to find a place to hide my sacred eagle feathers out of fear of being arrested, I wondered how free we really are. ... Continue reading in The Huffington Post >>

**Featured on the Front Page of the Huffington Post. September 24, 2015.


Indian Country Today


"The Eagle Feather Law and State Recognized Tribes" by DaShanne Stokes

(from Indian Country Today) Federal tribes need to stand behind state-recognized tribes and support their access to eagles... Continue reading in Indian Country Today >>


"Time for New Eagle Feather Law" by DaShanne Stokes

(from Indian Country Today) Think your religious freedom is protected? Think again... Continue reading in Indian Country Today >>


"Eagle Feathers and the Imperialist Conquest of State Recognized Tribes" by DaShanne Stokes

(from Indian Country Today) Congress should expand the eagle feather permit system to include state-recognized tribes... Continue reading in Indian Country Today >>




Media Appearances About the Eagle Feather Law


Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy Native Mascots and Eagle Law

This Show Is So Gay:
Fighting for Equality and Freedom on Multiple Fronts

June 4, 2015

The fight for equality and freedom is being fought on numerous fronts. The Boy Scouts continue kicking out some of their best and brightest for the "crime" of being gay. People continue to support racist team names and mascots despite a growing body of scientific research showing their detrimental effects. And many Native Americans continue to be denied their right to religious freedom. DaShanne joined Dr. Ken Schneck, host of This Show Is So Gay, to discuss the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policy, the Native American mascot controversy, the eagle feather law, and how now is the time for us to stand up, speak out, and fight for equality.

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Fight Over Eagle Feathers

Native America Calling:
Fight Over Eagle Feathers

February 18, 2015

Under the "eagle feather law," Title 50 Part 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations (50 CFR 22), state-recognized tribes are banned from obtaining or possessing eagle feathers and parts many need for ceremonies, prayer, and to live and preserve their ways of life. DaShanne joined Native America Calling to discuss this controversial federal wildlife law, how it undermines the religious freedom of numerous tribes, and how we can be a voice for change.

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Eagle Feather Law

First Voices Indigenous Radio, WBAI 99.5 FM:
The Eagle Feather Law: How Religious Freedom in America is Restricted for Native Americans

March 1, 2007

If you think your religious freedom is protected, think again. As many people across Indian country are aware, American Indians are the only ethnic group in the United States that require a federal permit for religious freedom, but many can't get them. Tune in as DaShanne Stokes talks about the problematic "eagle feather law" and what it means for religious freedom in the United States.

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The Sanctity of Eagles

Native America Calling:
The Sanctity of Eagles

December 19, 2006

Under the "eagle feather law," only members of federally recognized tribes are allowed to obtain or possess eagle feathers and parts for religious or spiritual purposes. Those caught with eagle feathers without federal permits face imprisonment and fines of up to $250,000--for practicing their spirituality or religion. DaShanne joined Native America Calling to discuss this controversial federal wildlife law and why we need to change it.

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